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Explore our suite of products and services with the guidance of a specialist and see how CHACŌN & CO. can best suit the unique needs of your business. You can schedule a consultation with a specialist today to discuss the needs of your brand, web services, design needs, or advertising campaign. What happens during a consultation?


Analysis Of Your Business And Goals

The first step we take during a consultation is to understand your business as a whole. This helps give us a foundation to see how we can best meet the needs of your company, customers, and patrons. We serve a variety of fields and sectors including real estate, financial, food and hospitality, healthcare, legal services, and more.

Next, we focus on what your goals are as a business. Are you looking to expand in your community or around the nation? Are you looking to get in touch with or learn about a new audience? Are you looking for design and aesthetic resources for your business with digital or tangible assets? Do you want to establish or refresh your brand?

Knowing your goals helps give us direction and know how to tailor our services and products to your unique needs.

Identifying And Learning About Your Market & Clientele

The second portion of a consultation involves gaining an understanding of your market and clientele and what their interests are. If you’re looking to launch an advertising campaign or establish a brand and image for your business, we can provide information about your ideal audience and how to appeal to their interests.

Such information may include researching demographics, trends, social media interactions, ongoing conversation or public opinion. This information is valuable to positioning your brand or campaign as a business.


Design & Aesthetics

The third focus of our consultation is on the design and aesthetics surrounding the work planned for your business brand, branded materials, advertisements, and more. We provide expert design options and recommendations for your needs. Whether we’re designing a logo, a website, branded products and materials, prints, merchandise, or something else, we take a disciplined approach to our design work.

We’ll provide a range of design materials and discuss your likes and dislikes and how we can also best appeal to what interests your ideal customer base.

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